Banking & Finance

We have an established banking and financial services practice comprised of legal experts that cater to a range of clients, including banking institutions, asset managers, insurance providers etc. Furthermore, we frequently handle capital markets transactions including rights issues, public offers, private placements, complex debt instruments on Nigerian Exchanges.

Data Privacy, Technology & Intellectual Property

We provide an array of data protection services including regulatory audits, impact assessments, policy reviews and drafting etc. We also support clients offering technology solutions and ensure adequate legal protection of all intellectual property arising from their innovations through Trademark and Patent advisory and registration.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team of expert lawyers has a proven track record of success in guiding clients through complex M&A deals and ensuring a smooth transition every step of the way.

Energy & Power

Our team of commercial lawyers is well equipped to deliver excellent services in the energy and natural resources sector through experience handling joint venture arrangements, licensing, and more within the energy supply value chain.

Real Estate

We provide expert advisory, due diligence, and document preparation services to our clients in the real estate sector, or those undertaking estate investments.

Corporate & Commercial

We have experienced corporate lawyers who work in partnership with our clients through their routine and project-based transactions and projects to protect their interests at all times. We provide expert services to both local and international clients in their business activities.

Labour & Employment

Our professionals work with clients to cut through the complexities of today’s rapidly evolving talent marketplace through excellent advice and support on employment matters including company policies and guidelines, remuneration and other essential work processes.

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